Treating Patients with Dignity

Treating patients with dignity and respect - Our Practice Policy and Promise

This policy details the commitment of all staff members at the Reynard and White House Surgeries to treat all people with equality, valuing the diversity of all.

We aim to ensure that all staff treat patients , the public and colleagues with dignity and respect.

The Practice upholds a culture of care that promotes the privacy, dignity culture and individuality of all, both patients and staff.

The Practice ensures that the principles of inclusivity, dignity and privacy are enshrined in our core values and governance .

The policy applies to all employees at the Reynard and White House Surgeries regardless of profession, grade or position, and also applies to staff contracted on a temporary basis, such as locums.

While the Senior Partner has overall responsibility to ensure compliance with this policy, the leaders of each staff group will have delegated responsibility.

It is the responsibility of each staff member to;
-Respect the privacy and dignity of all patients, members of the public and work colleagues.
-Read and comply with the principles laid out in this policy
-Everyone should be treated with courtesy and consideration at all times, and staff members should
treat everyone with the same respect that they would wish for themselves and their family.
-Everyone should be treated as an individual.
-Staff should agree with patients as to how they would like to be addressed.
-Every staff member should ensure that a patient’s needs are assessed and understood.
-The staff should ensure that everyone’s right to privacy is respected. Areas of sensitivity which relate
to modesty, gender, culture and religion should be respected.
-All staff must ensure that people feel able to complain without fear of retribution, and that everyone
can access the appropriate information and advice.

Concerns and complaints must be addressed and answered in a timely manner.

All care delivered by the Practice should actively promote well being, and self confidence. The Practice expects all staff working with patients to work towards alleviating loneliness and isolation, and should help people receiving services to feel valued as members of the community.

Every patient should be made to feel that they are participating as partners in their healthcare and decisions relating to it, and maintain the maximum level of independence and control.

All staff are expected to listen and support patients in expressing their needs and wants. All staff should engage with family members and carers, while respecting the patient’s
confidentiality. Relatives and carers should feel a welcoming ambience at the Surgeries, and feel they are able to communicate with all staff as contributing partners. It is the responsibility of all Leads to ensure that:
All staff members have received relevant training and education in interpersonal and communication skills. They provide a good role model in their own behaviour.

All systems of care are patient focussed and not task orientated.
Promote and encourage positive attitudes and behaviours within the Surgery and aim to eliminate the possibility of any patient, member of the general public or staff member suffer a negative experience.
Promote and support a culture of zero tolerance of all forms of abuse.

Equality and Diversity Policy

We are fortunate to live in an increasingly tolerant and diverse society, and we all have a responsibility to valuing diversity and treating everyone equally.

Discrimination is about treating someone less favourably on the grounds of a protected characteristics. These are broadly age/disability/gender/gender reassignment/marriage or civil partnerships/pregnancy and maternity/race or ethnicity/sexual orientation/religion or belief.
The Reynard Surgery defines equality as challenging discrimination, removing barriers encountered by people from different groups, and creating a fairer society where everyone can participate and has the same opportunity to fulfil their potential.

We define diversity as recognising , respecting and valuing the differences that everyone has. Fairness for us means being just to everyone, and acting in a manner that is free from bias, discrimination and dishonesty.

We value your feedback about how we could improve our service to you in this area.